Why Use A Honeymoon/Destination Wedding Planner? | Service, Secrets and Sandals Resorts

Hello soon to be Brides and Grooms,

Most of you will spend a year or more planning your big event – the wedding. Many of the months leading up to the wedding can be stressful and confusing. Many decisions will have to be made, picking a venue, what color scheme, picking center pieces, selecting a wedding gown and the list goes on and on. This is why Wedding Planners are hired. To help make the Wedding planning easier ending in a perfect wedding. The Wedding Planner sometimes is a liason a buffer between the Bride and Groom, Bride and parents, the list goes on and on. The Wedding Planner helps diffuse situations and the bottom line is they make the Wedding planning less stressful and more fun. 

Which leads me too;

Why Use A Honeymoon/Destination Wedding Planner/Travel Agent?

Because I have extensive travel experience familiarizing myself with most all Sandals and Secrets Resorts as well as many other resorts on almost every  Caribbean Island as well as Punta Cana, Mexico and Hawaii I have sailed with most every cruise line. 

Because I am here to find out your desires, your expectations, your dream destination. There are times I also diffuse disagreements regarding budgets and destinations. Do you want to veg out on a beach for the entire time, enjoy an island, soak up the sun and sea? Do you seek adventure?  Do you want to hike, visit a city in Europe or be pampered in a romatic spa? With the hundreds of places you can chose from the task of planning a Honeymoon/Destination Wedding can be overwhelming stressful and confusing. My goal is to  make your Honeymoon/Destination Wedding planning stressless. As you have your unique personality, so has every destination.

Because I am no different than a Wedding Planner my goal is the same. Dedicated to you to make sure your plans are seamless, stressless and very special. Remember when planning your Honeymoon the same effort needs to be put into it as you do your wedding.

 Because I believe in UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL service, Because we know that our clients have many options, but, because they trust us we are grateful and so there is always a GRATITUDE GIFT!

Making Magical Memories is what I Love … Begin the Magic contact me today!