Women and Travel – Trips You’ve Only Dared To Dream!

Whenever I get together with a group of women the topic of travel always presents itself and what I hear on a regular basis is “I would love to travel, but I have no one to go with me”. Whether it is a significant other that has no desire to travel, a widow, a divorcee etc. all situations are different, however, the bottom line is women want to travel and don’t want to go by themselves. The good news is Ladies there are very reputable tour companies that have been in business for many years and their expertise is catering and planning group tours for Women only – women from all walks of life.

With all the above being said, think of today as a new day, today is the day you realize you don’t have to give up on the dream trips you’ve dared to dream about. Whether your dream is to shop in Milan, cook in a Villa in Tuscany, Photo Safari in Africa, breathe in the rain forests in Costa Rica while zip lining, catch a glimpse of the amazing Northern Lights, cross the United States by rail, be a city slicker in the mountains of Montana while enjoying a gourmet dinner cooked by a professional chef while riding the plains, I can go on and on but, you all have your own dream.

Now that you know the many possibilities available to you and that you can take the trip you’ve dared to dream about with like – minded women and feel safe I hope you take the steps to move out of your comfort zone and live one of your dreams. There are so many women that have found these trips life changing and not just because of the places they visit but because they have also made life long travel buddies.

Wishing you Happy Travels!


Eileen Lebowitz, Founder, YTC, CTC, DS of Planit Travel Ltd., New Albany, Ohio Certified Secrets Agent, Certified Mexico Specialist, Spa Specialist, Travel Writer, Resort and Cruise Critic.

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